State of ELDs in the U.S. Transportation Industry – November 2017


There’s just over a month to go until the FMCSA ELD mandate deadline of December 18th.

The recent OOS Criteria Enforcement Delay has created yet more confusion.

A large number of fleets are still without ELDs.

Dangers abound for fleets waiting until the last minute to implement ELDs.

Read more below to learn more about the state of the industry in November 2017.

Inspectors Won’t Enforce OOS Criteria Until April 1, 2018

Many have been confused by the recent CVSA decision to not enforce OOS criteria on fleets operating without ELDs.

What this means is that the CVSA is allowing fleets without ELDs can continue to operate until April 1, 2018; however, these fleets will still receive violations any time a vehicle is found to be operating without an electronic logging device.

Fleets that are still delaying implementation in hopes that the FMCSA will push back the mandate deadline are simply dreaming.

In fact, U.S. Congress has voted 5 times now against a delay of the ELD mandate, with the most recent vote being in September.

Frankly, it’s not worth it to wait until the OOS criteria enforcement date.

This is because you’ll continue to receive violations, fines, and penalties for any vehicles in your fleet that don’t have ELDs.

It’s also clear now that there won’t be any delay in the FMCSA mandate; the deadline still stands at December 18th.

There is an added incentive for fleets to implement as soon as possible, due to the fact that ELDs can improve CSA scores.

Evidence also suggests that insurance premiums will be adjusted to favor better CSA scores more than before.

Whereas fleets that do not implement by the December 18th deadline will face negative hits to their CSA scores, and thus higher insurance premiums.

Many Fleets Have Still Not Implemented ELDs

Despite the fact that the mandate deadline is practically a month away, research has shown that there are still a startling amount of fleets that have still not purchased ELDs.

A survey of 529 U.S. fleets performed by C.J. Driscoll & Associates revealed that 60% of commercial fleets are still using paper logs to record hours of service.

Most of the fleets that were without ELDs stated that they will implement them before the December 18th deadline.

Reasons for these fleets’ decision to wait are unclear, however, it is implied that they are still holding out for a possible delay in the mandate.

Challenges such as the installation of the devices and training employees how to operate with ELDs stood out as possible reasons as well.

The study also revealed that the majority of ELD solutions being purchased are in the standard configuration; where the ELD provider includes a device (usually a tablet) with the ELD.

Fleets purchasing this option also tend to be on the larger side.

The Dangers Of Waiting Until The Last Minute

We’ll keep this part short and sweet, since we have already covered the issue of waiting until the last minute to purchase ELDs in depth in an earlier article.

Here’s why fleets should not wait any longer to implement ELDs:

The more time fleets have to adjust to using ELDs, the better off they will be in both the short-term and long-term.

It’s important to understand that fleets who have not yet implemented ELDs are already behind.

This is because it takes around 6-8 weeks for fleet operations to fully adjust to ELDs.

As you can see, the U.S. transportation industry is set for a huge shift in how it operates.

ELDs have shaken up the market, and many fleets still waiting to adopt them will surely disrupt the market even further in the coming weeks.



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