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Track and manage your fleet with DSi Elogs

All the features truckers need in an electronic logbook app.

Streamlined DVIR Forms

Easy-to-use and lightning-fast, complete and submit your DVIR forms within seconds.

Special Driving Statuses

Our app supports Yard Moves and Personal Conveyance so that your drivers can properly allocate their driving time.

Real-time HOS Alerts

Visual and audio notifications to make sure you never receive another HOS violation ever again.

Team Driving Support

We support the ability to have two drivers logged in on the app, on the same device, at the same time.

Faster DOT Inspections

Enter DOT Inspection Mode on the app within seconds, so that you can get back on the road ASAP.

Edit & Certify Elogs

Edit over 12 different aspects of your daily logs and certify them with only 1 tap of the screen.

All the features fleet managers need to run an efficient fleet.

Customizable Dashboard

Get an instant high-level overview of your fleet in real-time, with customizable data columns.

Real-time HOS Alerts

Fleet managers are instantly notified when their drivers are approaching an HOS violation threshold.


Record arrival/departure times, keep tabs on drivers’ locations, and plan more efficient routes.

GPS Fleet Tracking

Track vehicles in real-time, no more needing to call drivers asking where they are.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Get real-time alerts when a vehicle fault code occurs and stay up-to-date on scheduled maintenance.

Driver Profiles

View a drivers’ 8 days’ worth of elogs, uncertified logs, HOS violations, and DVIR forms all on one screen.

Track and manage your fleet with DSi Elogs

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