5 Reasons Why Waiting Until the Last Minute to Implement ELDs will Make You Lose Money


Time is running out to choose the ELD that is the best fit for your business.

With less than 3 months left until the FMCSA ELD mandate deadline (December 18th, 2017), now is the time for fleets to implement ELDs.

It’s important for carriers to understand that as each day goes by, their competitors are implementing ELDs and beginning to reap the benefits from their use.

Fleets that don’t implement ELDs as soon as possible are simply losing money, due to a variety of reasons that we list below.

  1. Possibility of a Shortage of ELDs

Think about it – if everyone is ordering ELDs in bulk at the same time, manufacturers won’t be able to keep up with the sheer volume of production needs.

What will you do, when after you finally have chosen the ELD provider that’s right for you, but you’re turned away due to their manufacturer being out of stock?

That’s when you get stuck having to choose from less-than-ideal ELD providers.

Don’t let this happen to your fleet, make the smart decision and (if you haven’t already) start looking at FMCSA certified ELDs now.

  1. High Probability of Increased ELD Prices

Due to supply and demand, the limited availability of ELDs will lead to an inevitable price hike as we get closer to the FMCSA compliance date.

With hundreds of other fleets scrambling to purchase and install ELDs at the same time, manufacturing won’t be able to keep up.

Low supplies of ELDs will prove to be a problem, and your business will be left holding the bag when the FMCSA compliance date passes by and your fleet is either still stuck without an ELD solution, or using a less-than-ideal ELD provider.

By taking advantage of the small window of time you have left to purchase right now, you’ll be able to secure lower prices and start enjoying the benefit of reduced operating costs sooner.

  1. No Time to Test Out Different ELD Providers

Deciding on an ELD provider takes time.  Careful research is required so that you choose the ELD provider that’s right for your business.

With a large amount of ELD providers available, this process will take a significant amount of time, if you want to do it right.

If you need help learning what to look for in an ELD provider, you can read about the 7 features every elogs and ELD solution should have on our blog.

With less than 3 months until mandatory FMCSA compliance, your business needs to make the right choice on an ELD provider, the first time around.

  1. No Time to Properly Train Employees on How to Use ELDs

Thorough and effective ELD training takes time and effort from multiple parties to be successful.

The more time carriers have to properly train employees (both fleet managers and drivers) on how to operate with ELDs, the better.

If you’re in need of ideas, we discuss how to train your drivers to use ELDs in an older article.

It takes more than just a few days to learn all the ins and outs of how to use ELDs, so you don’t want to be playing catch up right before the FMCSA mandate deadline.

Take the time now to iron out all the kinks and learn how to seamlessly operate your fleet with ELDs before it’s too late.

  1. Falling Behind Your Competitors

While you’re waiting until the last minute (for whatever reason) to choose an ELD provider, your competitors are already enjoying the benefits of ELDs.

This includes reduced paperwork, reduced administrative workload, reduced maintenance costs, reduced fuel usage, and more.

A number of benefits ELDs provide have already been covered in our other articles, take a few minutes to read through them if you still need convincing of the benefits ELDs bring to fleets.

With ELDs, you’ll have actionable data to increase the efficiency and profitability of your fleet operations, while your competitors sit twiddling their thumbs and wasting time (and money) with traditional paper logs.

By implementing ELDs as soon as possible, you’ll automatically have a leg up on any of your competitors who still haven’t implemented ELDs.

Start taking advantage of ELDs now, so that you aren’t playing catch up when the DOT citations start rolling out on December 18th.



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