5 Key Features Every GPS Fleet Tracking Software Should Have

5 Key Features Every GPS Fleet Tracking Software Should Have

Make sure the GPS fleet tracking software you choose has these features before you decide to buy.

It’s important to understand the powerful features and capabilities that GPS fleet tracking software can provide.

However, it’s even more important to compare GPS fleet tracking software vendors before deciding which service to ultimately buy.

Here, we lay out some of the features that we see as mandatory for GPS fleet tracking software providers.

You can cross-check the list below with the feature list of GPS fleet tracking software providers you are currently considering, or even if you are already using a GPS fleeting tracking service.

  1. Customized Reporting

The ability to create, and more importantly, customize your own reports is a key feature of any competent GPS fleet tracking software.

Providing customization of reports allows fleets to repurpose existing reports and even create new ones in order to suit their specific needs.

This feature is important because it allows fleets to retain and report only the most relevant data to their operations, instead of having to work with static reports that are incapable of being flexible to their needs.

  1. Automated Alerts

Alerting is another function of GPS tracking software that should be customizable.

Customizable, automated alerts such as ignition on/off, harsh braking, movement after hours, and excessive speed should come standard with any GPS fleet tracking software.

Make sure the GPS provider you choose offers these features with their service.

  1. Integration with Other Services

GPS fleet tracking software that is able to provide all-in-one product ecosystems will always have the edge over the competition.

Many GPS fleet tracking service providers offer integrations with other products they make, such as transportation management, service management, and even mobile apps.

If you’re shopping around, or your current GPS fleet tracking software doesn’t offer integration with other services, then maybe now is the time to look for a GPS fleet management software that is able to provide a full product suite for your fleet.

  1. Geofencing

Geofencing allows you to create virtual geographic boundaries on a map that can serve a variety of intuitive functions.

Combined with alerting and reporting functions, geofencing keeps you aware of the exact moment a vehicle or piece of equipment in your fleet enters or exits a user-defined area on a map.

Geofencing can be used to track the exact time and location one of your drivers has entered your pre-defined geofence, for example, a specific job site.

This can then be used to figure out the approximate start and end of that driver’s workday.

  1. Engine Diagnostics

Engine diagnostics such as fuel usage, mileage, speed, brake applications, and more can be tracked by GPS devices now.

Fleets can use this engine data in order to reinforce better driving habits among vehicle operators, thus reducing the potential for accidents to occur.

Armed with this data, you can make the necessary changes in the problem areas of your fleet, ensuring safety compliance measures, and keeping your bottom line from taking a hit due to insurance claims and fees.

Now you know the key features of GPS fleet tracking software, but just remember to double-check that feature list of your current or prospective GPS fleet software provider!  It might be time for a switch.



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