4 Ways ELDs Improve Your CSA Score

4 ways elds improve your csa score

With the advent of ELDs nearly upon us, it’s about time to review their impact on CSA scores.

Electronic logging devices will help truckers reduce the amount of the 3 most common types of violations.

Since ELDs automatically record a variety of data metrics, it’s much easier for drivers to avoid these violations since the devices make correcting mistakes a quick and easy task.

Let’s take a look at exactly how ELDs will affect carriers’ CSA scores.

Automatic Tracking of Hours of Service

The most common violation a DOT officer looks for during a roadside inspection is for operating a vehicle that’s designated out-of-service.

ELDs and elogs apps such as DSi Elogs prevent this violation from occurring by automatically recording and displaying hours of service for truck drivers.

These HOS threshold alerts occur both visually and audibly on the driver’s device as well.

Additionally, elogs apps can notify both drivers and fleet managers/dispatchers, in case one or the other fails to notice the HOS threshold approaching.

Since ELDs automatically track hours of service and create electronic logs, they prevent outdated log violations from occurring as well.

Drivers will no longer have to manually record their logs on paper, and will no longer be subject to coercion from managers pressuring them to falsify their logs.

ELDs make HOS compliance quick and easy due to their automated features.

Eliminating Form and Manner Violations

Even though these types of violations only equal 1 point on a trucker’s CSA score, they can slowly add up over time and ultimately bring down CSA scores.

Form and manner violations mainly consist of missing or duplicate information.

Since ELDs and elogs apps automatically record logs, miles, and hours, these violations will soon become a thing of the past.

Preventing Vehicle-Related Violations

Vehicle maintenance is too often an overlooked facet of trucking safety, and if caught, will negatively impact a driver’s CSA score.

Manually checking a truck’s maintenance from time to time, and having to keep track of maintenance history can be a huge pain.

Luckily, ELDs solve this problem as well with automated vehicle diagnostic reporting features.

WIth electronic logging devices, you receive real-time alerts if/when a vehicle fault code is detected.

This allows drivers to immediately check their vehicles and catch any faults or damaged parts of their vehicle before they become a much bigger problem.

ELDs also keep an historical log of vehicle fault codes, so that fleets can recognize recurring maintenance issues with certain vehicles.

This helps fleets avoid dealing with the same problem multiple times for a single vehicle.

Carriers can also identify problem vehicles in their fleets using this data, and determine whether or not it’s time to consider removing the vehicle from service.

Streamlining The DVIR Process

Pre-trip inspections are often not thorough enough due to forgetfulness or laziness.

Elogs apps have features that make the process easier for drivers so that they can complete inspections faster and get back to driving.

For example, DSi Elogs makes filling out and submitting DVIRs straightforward and simple, so that a form can be submitted in as fast as 30 seconds.

Make pre-trip inspections quick and easy by proactively acting upon the vehicle diagnostic reporting of ELDs.

The addition of an elogs app further simplifies the DVIR submission process in order to reduce lights, tires, and brakes violations.

These violations are all too common and carry heavier CSA score penalties than other violations.

Pro-tip: pay extra special attention to the expiration date of the fire extinguisher in a vehicle.

The Most Common CSA Violations, Solved By ELDs

  • Log form and manner
  • Log not current
  • Driving beyond the 8 or 14-hour limit
  • Speeding (6 to 10 mph over the posted speed limit)

So, as you can see, ELDs are fairly effective at improving drivers’ CSA scores through their various automated features.

It’s ultimately up to whether the driver is proactive enough in using their ELD and elogs app to their fullest extent.

Don’t take the features of these solutions for granted, for they are powerful tools for improving the overall safety of fleets.

If you want to further ensure the avoidance of violations and help improve your CSA score, learn how to train drivers to use ELDs.



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