3 Quick Ways Digital Forms Can 10X Your Company’s Productivity

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Transportation, construction, and field service companies can all benefit from switching over to using digital forms.  The processes associated with the creation, sending, maintenance and storage of paper forms are outdated and cumbersome.

Armed with automated features, digital forms are able to significantly increase the overall productivity of your operations by saving hours every week for every employee that uses them.  Add all of this saved time up over a year, and you’ll see significant cost savings.

Besides the obvious time-saving benefits due to their inherent digital nature (no more attempting to translate “chicken scratch” handwriting!), there are a few features built into digital forms that remove the roadblocks that are commonly encountered when working with paper forms.  These will be discussed below.

Exclusive Administrator Rights

Most digital form services provide administrators with a separate set of privileges that allow them to receive updates on form submissions, review/approve them, and even enforce the requirement of signatures.

Among the features that come with admin rights, the most important is the digital signature.  With digital forms, the process won’t move forward until the form is signed by the recipient.

Due to this and the fact that digital signatures are much more convenient for all parties involved, the time it takes to get a signature can now be cut down from weeks to just a couple of days.

The applications of digital signatures are limitless; they can be used in purchase orders, quotes, sales contracts, supplier contracts, work orders, subcontractor agreements… the list goes on.

Considering the sheer amount of forms that change hands every day, every year, the time saved using digital forms translates directly into huge cost reductions for your business.


Most digital form solutions include varying ranges of customization features.  These allow you to add items such as images, maps, drop-down items, checkboxes, and more.

This way, you can quickly convert all of the existing paper forms your business uses into digital versions.

Some digital form solutions even offer default form databases or guided training, to help kickstart the optimization of your business processes.

The amount of customization present in digital forms enables you to create a form for almost any occasion.


Digital forms are generally run through cloud-based software, meaning they can be accessed by any device that has an internet connection.

By going digital, your forms can now be accessed, submitted, reviewed, and signed anywhere at anytime.

This accessibility makes form-filing processes exponentially shorter – people no longer have excuses for when a form is filled out improperly, waiting on a signature, or misunderstood when the form is standardized and constantly available.

This allows you to focus on the money-making aspects of your business and stop wasting time on the tedious administrative tasks associated with paper forms.

According to a 2015 study, over 25% of transportation & logistics companies did not have a digital strategy in place.

If your business is still without a digital strategy, then you’ve been missing out on the significant cost reductions provided by digital solutions.

The pressure on margins will only continue to grow, and as more companies implement digital strategies, competition will further increase.

Make sure you aren’t left behind by investing in the right digital solution for your business, sooner rather than later.

Consider digital forms as a way to dip your toes into the world of digital logistics solutions, they’re easy to implement and will give you a taste of what digital products are capable of.



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